- 2/2, 907 sqft. 2nd (top) floor. Rooms are almost exact same sqft.

- Rent is $1,886 total. There is an $85 application fee plus a $250 lease change fee to add you to the lease, which I will split with you. Already paid $300 deposit (so I ask for $150 deposit, returned at move-out). So, the first month would be $943+$85+$125+$150 = $1,303. $943 per month after that.

- Utilities have been about $145 per month total.

- Internet is AT&T. It’s 100 mbps. It’s the fastest speed the complex offers at the moment unfortunately.

- Lease currently ends October 2022. If I do not move cities, I would definitely be up for extending the lease. This complex is great.

- Quick details: ~7-minute drive to downtown. Two Greenbelt entrances right on the property. More like townhomes than huge apt buildings. Great year-round pool and spa/hot tub. The unit has great natural lighting. Trees all around. At certain angles, you can see nothing but trees. Pretty quiet. Close to the pool but not too close.

I am:

37 years old. Born in Houston, TX. Lived in Austin since 1998. A licensed engineer, a self-published author, and currently working as a plan review supervisor. I have worked in film and live events as well. I am down-to-earth, grounded, solid, and dependable. Good listener. Politically, I have left views but I try to be as independent as I can. I am vaccinated and have taken the pandemic quite seriously. I have been to burns, but I would not call myself a burner. I am progressive and love to be on the cutting edge of things. I like deep conversation. I engage in altered states, but only a handful of times a year. I am driven and professional. I consider myself a spiritual warrior but am agnostic when it comes to religious pursuits. I love baseball, horses, metal music, avant-garde creativity, running, lifting, quality time with friends outdoors.

Looking for:

M or F. 26 to 42 years old. No kids. Vaccinated. Preferably no cigarette smokers or pets but could be okay with it if you are a super legit, awesome person.

If you meet 80% of this, we’re gonna get along just fine: Someone who is approachable with easygoing friends. Someone who is very productive, practical, grounded. Active rather than passive. A decisive person but who can also be chill. Need someone who challenges me and who likes to be challenged. Progressive. 90% good, genuine, caring person with 10% edge. Would like someone who is pretty clean but doesn’t mind being sloppy when the situation calls for it. Quiet during the week but can let loose on the weekends. Someone who is good/proactive at setting expectations and can have hard, subtle conversations. Can entertain themselves and be independent but also down to go on an adventure / engage in shenanigans in a moment’s notice. Someone who likes being outdoors. Someone who listens to music outside the top 40.

If interested, we’ll have a video call first. If that goes well, we’ll set up a day for you to do an in-person tour. Looking to get someone signed on sometime in October.



Contact email :


Number of roommates


Size of the room

~10'x12', but room is not square.

Room price ( per month in $ ) :


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    Bill included ?


    Minimum term contract :